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Europe and Asia are viewed as geographically linked, the biggest contiguous land mass in the world, with extensive development in regard to history and culture. On these two continents, different ethnic groups develop their own economic, political and cultural aspects in Europe, West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia. The long-standing tradition of European philosophy, Christianity, literature, economics and arts requires language and cultural experts dedicating themselves to the communications between the East and the West, to introduce and promote their unique characteristics.
Since its establishment, Wenzao has focused on the learning of French, German and Spanish. It later added Japanese and Korean language courses. In recent years, due to the rise of China, and the Four Asian Tigers, Asia has become an important place in the world. Understanding the significance of promoting Asian languages, Wenzao also provides the Southeast-Asian language courses that cover cultural and educational aspects of Asia.
The College of European and Asian Languages encompasses both the cultural traditions related to the European languages, and the potentiality of the Asian languages.